The Saga so far…

I just finished Saga: Book 3 and I’m filled with profound grief. I didn’t realize this series wasn’t complete when I started reading it – or that Book 4 is still years away. I know that I’m going to spend my time from now until then speculating about what happens next. I can’t imagine what long-time fans have been going through since 2018!

This series has been a fantastic and fascinating journey. The creators have done a superb job of telling the story of survivors of an ongoing conflict whose lives are still being molded by that very conflict. I loved the way the war started as a huge influence on the story before being drowned out by more immediate and intimate struggles – then resurfaces time and again to wrench the characters’ lives in unexpected ways. Similarly, I found myself loving and then hating almost every character at different parts of the story. Nothing in this story is black and white, and it’s amazing.

The art is also wonderful! The settings are often uniquely awe-inspiring and beautiful. The characters are portrayed in interesting ways (I’m looking at you, robots) and often deal with natural threats in the form of imaginative creatures that can’t be found in any other work. Sometimes the characters are imaginative creatures that stay with the story for a long time. However, my favorite part of the art was the way the artist used the illustrations to propel the plot forward, effectively using the medium to its fullest potential. For instance, Hazel’s narration often accompanies dramatic, contrasting scene transitions while smoothly tying both scenes together – something that, while possible in novels, lends itself to visual mediums. I had to brace myself whenever adult Hazel started chiming in because I never knew what was coming next.

I loved almost every page of this saga: it’s engaging, heartwarming, illuminating – and more words. I’d recommend it to any reader that is even remotely interested in graphic novels. Go read it if you haven’t. I’ll be here, waiting in agony for the series to come back.

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