About me

Howdy! Welcome to my site. I’m slanderoid and I’m just some dude from the Midwest in the USA. I play games, read books, listen to music, and watch irreverent sitcoms, just like you! (Just kidding. I probably don’t know you very well so I don’t know if you do those things or not.) Anyway, I’ll try to be a bit more specific about my interests: I’m a big fan of horror, so I read/watch/play a lot of that; I’m a pretty avid Final Fantasy fanboy, even though Square Enix seems to become more and more evil by the day; I’ve been getting more into boardgames in the last year or so and I’ve got a pretty decent collection started; and I listen to a lot of heavy metal music, but I love music of all kinds (seriously, I’m not just saying that).

This site is where I’ll document things that deserve a bit more attention than my random thoughts on social media. I’ve got some long form things planned that I’ll type up and post here from time to time. If you’ve explored the site at all, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been dormant for a long time. Well, I hope to change that in the coming months… Place your bets now on whether or not that actually happens!

I’ve always wanted to write other stuff, too, not just occasional posts on a poorly managed website. I’ve got a little bit of a horror novella written up and a fantasy serial that’s been kicking around in my head for the last decade or so. I’m setting a goal for the next year to get both of them off the ground, so check back later to see if I actually got off of my ass and did it or not.

For now, you can find me on Mastodon, Instagram, Goodreads, and Steam. If you feel like following me, I’m mostly active on those platforms. See ya!

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