Resident Evil 3 Remake Review, or RE3RERE

By my calculations, Nemesis is on fire for 83% of this game.

I loved this game. From the action-oriented gameplay to the colorful backdrop of Raccoon City, this latest remake in the Resident Evil series is a peppy change of pace from last year’s Resident Evil 2. Yet, it still retains much of what made that previous remake special. The horror is downplayed this time, but in its place are fast paced action sequences that are both entertaining and, at times, harrowing. I almost whizzed every time Nemesis came hurdling onto my screen, no lie. However, by the end of the game, I was feeling like a literal god as I took out room-sized enemies with my mounds of rocket launcher ammunition.

I haven’t even mentioned that this game is, much like its predecessor, a technical achievement. Capcom has achieved more with the RE Engine than NASA has achieved in the last 40 years. Fluids look pretty bad because they almost always do in every game, but take a look at Jill’s oily pores:

Jill wondering if that was just a fart, or…


So, all of that makes it super hard for me to not recommend this game. Unless, like myself, you must own everything Resident Evil ASAP, this game is just not a good purchase if bought at full price. It’s important to know that I don’t play games quickly. I die a lot, I explore, I read slowly, etc. With that said, I installed this game this morning and I finished the campaign by this afternoon. The one and only campaign – whereas the first and second games had two, classic or remastered.

With its recycled environments, characters, and gameplay, I feel this game should have been an expansion for Resident Evil 2 Remake. I know there will be some purists that will defend this release as a throwback to the original Resident Evil 2 and 3 and their shortcomings – but this was a chance to make things right. Instead, it seems that Capcom has tried to play on nostalgia for a quick buck. Maybe not, but it looks that way. (It could be that the inclusion of Resident Evil Resistance may be the consolation I’m looking for with this… But this isn’t a review of that game, it’s a review of Resident Evil 3 Remake.)

SPOILERS, but this is where Jill meets her true love.

If this had started at a lower price point or had been DLC that cost $20 or $30 less, I would have recommended it wholeheartedly. However, this just doesn’t feel like a full game. I loved it, but I wouldn’t recommend it – unless it’s on sale.

One response to “Resident Evil 3 Remake Review, or RE3RERE”

  1. Solid review!

    As someone who grew up with this franchise, I appreciate the candid approaches and observations. This game feels like I used Gameshark from 200something.

    Will grab on sale 🙂


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