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Fuck Whales – Maddox

There’s a chapter in this book called “Fuck Online Reviews.” It was a good chapter… but it’s not going to stop me from writing one. Fuck you, Maddox.

This book bamboozled me. I was actually a little upset about it until I realized how masterful the bamboozlery actually was. When I first started reading, it had me rolling – the first part of the book is full of that classic Maddox humor that originally made him popular. But there was a gradual shift that I didn’t notice until it was too late: the author’s focus on his own brilliance and talking shit about animals had been largely replaced with thoughtful, intelligent commentary about society and the world as a whole.

The philosophy in the book reminds me of my favorite stand-up comedian, Doug Stanhope, and that makes me very happy. However, where Stanhope makes the listener laugh while he comments on society, Maddox tends to make his points and then make the reader laugh. He doesn’t quite do both at the same time. But that’s just a minor gripe. All in all,

It’s pretty fucking good.

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