The Blood of Gods – GWAR

I enjoy metal quite a bit. No, I’m not hardcore as fuck, but some metal really resonates with me. Some of the bands I listen to regularly are Gojira, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, (early) Mastodon, Behemoth… and GWAR.

True metalheads will now want to kick my ass.

One thing that’s imperative to know about me is that merely hearing a song by a hair metal band compels me to go up to the nearest person and headbutt them in the bridge of their nose. I’m telling you this to tell you that the new GWAR made me break the noses of at least a half dozen people. It’s not good, you guys. Hair metal is total bullshit and that’s what GWAR is, now.

There were a couple of good songs. El Présidente was good. Fuck This Place made a funny and touching reference to Oderus’ death… then the next song was a sappy homage to their former bandmate. Since when has GWAR been sappy? I understand that recording this album was difficult for the band. But approaching it with a sense of humor was much more effective than the crybaby crap found in Phantom Limb. I hate to say it but…

It’s pretty damned shitty.

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