Colors – Beck

This year was supposed to be great for music. New Primus, new Mastodon, new Queens of the Stone Age. The sheer number of great bands putting out new material was staggering. It’s too bad that so many of these albums have been underwhelming. Some of them have even been piles of shit covered in vomit. (I’m looking at you, Queens.) So, I desperately needed Beck’s latest release to be good.

Thank the gods it is.

Now, I saw an article where he described the songs on Colors as “complex pop” …but I feel that’s a bit of a stretch. Sure, the lyrics are thoughtful, the instrumentals are intricate, and the grooves are infectious, but there is little presented here that’s challenging or goes beyond the expectations of the listener. This album, in no way, defies the logic of all sex laws. But I’m actually okay with it. The album aims to please and it does just that – it’s exactly what I needed to hear.

It’s pretty fucking good.

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