Francis of the Filth – George Miller

I will start this by giving credit where credit is due: this book made me laugh out a couple of times and the introduction was decently written, even if it came across as nonsense.

However, even as someone who enjoys Filthy Frank’s videos and Pink Guy’s albums, I was only able to make it halfway through this book before the urge to bash my head into the nearest slab of concrete became too severe. I was desperately hoping I would be struck with a sudden case of temporary illiteracy so I wouldn’t feel like a quitter for dropping it but I can still read and, because I want to keep my skull intact, I can’t keep reading this.

It reads like bad fanfiction. The author’s overuse of his thesaurus is nauseating. The settings come across as drab and lifeless. The characters are annoying to the point that I started to hate them. The plot is repetitive and impossible to care about.

It’s a total piece of shit.

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