Heaven Upside Down – Marilyn Manson

I’m fucking awesome. While a lot of that awesomeness comes from me, myself, I realize that a portion of it comes from listening to Marilyn Manson during my formative years. Without him, I’d be some wimpy dickhead.

But that won’t keep me from thinking Heaven Upside Down is very cringy. To be fair, some of the musical elements of this album are really interesting… It’s just that every time Marilyn opens his mouth, he turns the song into a puddle of soupy poop. In the past, he was a clever edgelord but time hasn’t been kind to him – he’s lost his edge and I doubt he’ll ever be able to get it back. It’s so bad that listening to this album makes me want to shove a screwdriver deep into my ear to see if it’s a viable method of performing a lobotomy.

It’s pretty damned shitty.

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